#EF11 – The Funny Moment with My Tshirt

I am not a fashionable person. I just a kind of person who prefer the simple and casual thing in fashion. Except in formal situation, I usually follow the rules. For example in the workplace, in a wedding party or other formal moment, beside using formal shirt or uniform, I usually put on batik as my favorite choice. And in daily non formal activities I just comfort with a jeans and t-shirt. And I also just have one rule, the size must be fit to my body, not to tight or to loose-fitting.

Because of that, I don't have special things to tell or about OOTD (outfit of the day). But, I still want to share about my funny thing when I wear my t-shirt with the provoking sentence. You can see that in these picture.

When I go to a mall, in a food corner where I just want to enjoy a cup of coffee and the live music, someone starred at me with a serious face. But after see exactly my t-shirt, he smile at me. I ask him politely, why he starred me like that. He told me that he think I really hate jazz music, so I express it in my t-shirt print. But when he read for the second time he realized that its just a joke.

It's not the first incident, several times the similar incident like this happen when I wear my black t-shirt and with the same ending. They just smile at me.

Actually I like wear this t-shirt not only because of the unique print on the shirt, but also the size is fit in my body. So it's look good and I feel comfort. This t-shirt I bought when I was go to Jazz Goes to Campus event in UI Depok several years ago. For me, it's unique and not common like the t-shirt that produced by Dagadu (Jogja), Krisna and Joger (Bali).

I also have one more interesting moment as above but it's with my other t-shirt. When I go to part shop to upgrade my laptop RAM, I got a good used RAM and good price just because i wear t-shirt that printed Ubuntu in it. When I ask why he gave good service, he told me that as an Ubuntu user (as printed in t-shirt I wear), I know the the quality of parts and the range of the price, so he give me the good price with no more offering. But actually I'm not like that, i just a casual user of Ubuntu, not a geek.

Maybe not only me, I think you have interesting experience like me, either. The funny experience just because of OOTD we wear. What do you think?

This is the submisson of the english challenge #EF11 – Outfit Of The Day


  1. I finally get to know how you look like Mas Kamal. And you know what? I also forget to submit my link. Huahahahahaha.
    I love the t-shirts design!

    1. he he he.. this is my first ever picture in this blog and it's just because of you, BEC admin, then I post with my picture to relate it with the topic.. :-)
      so, u also forget to submit your link for this EF11 chalange dan? :-)

  2. waduh mampus deh bahasanya, haha...

  3. wkwkwk tulisan di kaosnya lucu. apalagi bagian yang kecilnya :D


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