23 February 2015

EF#7 – The Tale of Sop Janda

February 23, 2015
Sop Janda from Bekasi (click for bigger picture)
Janda in English mean a widow. And “sop janda” can be translated to 'a widow soup' or 'soup of a widow'. Strange name right? Yea, at least for me.

I dont know why the soup that consist of meat and several bone named “sop janda”. Some said that its because in the old time, there was a widow who open stall that serve soup. The taste is good, and so many customer told to the others about the stall, and then the stall became famous. Other said that, the soup that served in hot condition, is like hugh a widows. Sound naughty, right? And the last one, 'sop Janda' is abbreviation of 'sop Jawa Sunda'. Again, I dont know which one is right, but the name is so catchy for me.

First time I know about “sop janda” is when I work in MM2100 Industrial Area, Cibitung, Bekasi, several years ago. In one corner of these area there a stall that served “sop janda” and always crowded with its customer, especially when in a lunch time. And now, because of the famous name of “sop janda”, so many stall that served meat soup and call it “sop janda”. So, “sop janda” became a generic name for meat soup. Moreover, “sop janda” is claimed as meat soup originally from Bekasi.

And if you curious about that, you don't need to go to MM2100 Industrial Area. You just visit Bekasi and go to Pekayon and Rawapanjang area. From toll gate Bekasi Barat turn to the right. And you can see the stall in the main street of these area.

As you can see on the picture above, I take picture of the stall that located in Rawapanjang area. Not far from my house.

Note: this posting is my first submission to the English Friday challenge of Blog English Club

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